My Safe Space at YUWA

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Lirisha Tuladhar

Drip drop on the tree tops are the rain drops all the way from heaven. A place so safe so silent I can only imagine..I have no idea about what safe means.. everywhere I go there seems that the aura of unsafeness lingers by..

I sit by the windowsill waiting for the cool breeze to cherish my face, it feels safe when the silent wind whispers the songs of freedom.. at least im not chained or so it feels..

I walk around but there is that echo that deafens me saying you are unsafe and there is no place called safe space.. i turn back every ticking time to check if i am safe.. i find that sweat rolling off my forehead warning that i am unsafe

The hairs on my body stand up frozen with the smallest of sound in that roadway marking the way i feel unsafe..

Slanting towards the  budding glow of youthfulness there is that perfumed smell of curiosity and new ideas yet the pungent smell of unsafe environment pollutes the innovation and ideas that help flourish the age of youth.

Unsafe when WE travel a bus… unsafe when people give US that look when WE speak in public… unsafe when WE become the only one to speak.. unsafe when OUR voice refuses to speak.   Unsafe when WE walk by the roads – alone..  unsafe when WE walk by the roads-in crowds… unsafe when  talk in  silent tone.. unsafe when WE talk when others are talking too… unsafe when WE stroll peacefully in the park.. unsafe when WE even take the dog for a walk.. unsafe when WE dine at a hotel alone.. unsafe when WE party out with friends in chilled zone.. unsafe when WE was just a child… unsafe still when WE growing up a youth..


Because youths stand out! Different! Variety! With colours of innovations that don’t match up the world environment…

Where is SAFE SPACE then??

Does it even exist for YOUTHS?

Yes!! It does..


Right where you are heard;

Right where your peers have similar ideas to collaborate;

Right where your aura spreads with appreciation;

Right where your efforts are acknowledged.

Youth led organizations are mushrooming today and you can feel that familiar feel of the safety that hugs you and lifts you up to face the chains of unsafeness.

Still wondering how to get there? Scared living in the barriers of the unsafe society for so long?

Don’t be.. TRY IT and Experience the flavours of safe space around you. You’ d be surprised as to how much progress you can do when you feel the safeness around you.

Don’t just wait for Unsafe to turn to Safe;

Go and find your own Safe Space for yourself.

I have found my safe space at Yuwa.. Where is your SAFE SPACE?


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