Perks of having a long hair

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There was a campaign by the Nepal police in 2013, they were taking the men with long hair and piercings into custody and had chopped off their hair and taken off their piercings. 711 men were taken into custody in a single day on 26 February.

My name is Faizar Sharma and I don’t understand why the colleges in Nepal are not allowing males to have long hairs. Let me tell you something that is ironic, many colleges teach their students to fight against the stigma and stereotypical thinking of the society but are not letting their students to have long hair. It’s funny, isn’t it?

I have been travelling to different places of Nepal. During those visits I met some people who were against me because of my long hair. But after talking with them after a week or two, they would be kind to me and suggest me to trim my hair to look good.

I think people are not used to seeing a man with long hair so they find it difficult to adjust with someone who has long hair.(I remember an incident, one day about 6 years ago, I was going to school as usual. I saw a lady pushing her bike on the inclined road and it was difficult seeing it because she was applying full effort, but was unable to push the bike due to inclined road so I helped her. She thanked me and I was stunned by her voice because her voice sounded like a man, I was scared because I had never encountered anyone like that before. I was not used to seeing women whose voices were husky. She gave me a smile and went on. I went to school and thought about it the whole day and came to the conclusion that I wasn’t scared I was just uncomfortable because I wasn’t used to seeing that person just as some people are not used to seeing a male with long hair.

My long hair is related to my sexuality, it’s been two years I have been walking with my long hair. I have been told to trim my hair by the teachers of the schools of urban area and I have been supported to work on school in rural areas. I don’t think living in cities makes a behavioral change to end the stigma of long hairs. Behavioral change takes place when you think my long hair is not affecting anyone, when you think it is normal for boys to keep the hair.

“I have a dream that one day our brother will be allowed to keep their hair long and that they don’t have to wait until they pass their twelfth grade and join a government college because private college don’t allow you to keep long hair.”


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