Silence Continues..

Mahim Aryal

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and outdoor

Today I am very happy to go to college; my excitement is at peak, I want to be as lucky as yesterday.

Yesterday just like any other day I was going to college through a local bus. There was this beautiful women standing next to me. And suddenly i get a temptation to touch her. I don’t know if it’s my hormone playing its thing but I eventually can’t control my urge and I touch her. She didn’t react even though I think she felt uncomfortable.

Today, I want to do it again. It is the best things that have ever happened in my entire college life. The college is boring. Now I will do the same and feel super pleasure by doing so. I got up on the bus and saw no girl standing so I went to the front row and noticed a girl and stood beside her. I touched her hand then she suddenly turned around and looked at me, after a while I again touched her. She immediately turned towards me; slapped me and said “Do you think you can do anything if the vehicle is crowded? ” I felt ashamed not because I touched her but she slapped me in front of other passengers. Everyone at the bus looked at me and I got off the bus. Even though the bus was gone every time someone looked at me I think that person saw the girl slapping me even I have walk ten minutes from the bus route.

I didn’t go to college that day. I went to the nearest park; sat there and thought all the things that have happened from the time I got up on the bus. I will not forget the face of the girl who slapped me.

Few hours have passed but I am still recalling everything that has ever happened. Then I realized that it was my fault not of the girl who slapped me. I shouldn’t have touched her, I feel more ashamed than before. There are many girls I have done wrong with. I thought about the worst case that could have happened someone could have beaten me for touching the girl, someone could have taken my picture and send it to my college. I could have even been arrested for doing wrong thing with girls. Ohhhh… I feel lucky that i am ok but though I did wrong I also blame girl, not the girl who slapped me but the first girl who was abused by me nearly a month ago, she is responsible for encouraging this kind of action by choosing to stay quiet. If she had raised her voice then I would have known this can put me in great trouble. I would have known about this a long time ago.

Still I feel guilty for what I did, I cannot undo the thing that I have done but all I can do is ask you to speak, raise your voice for the cause. You should take action against such activity instead of staying quiet. You are encouraging such activity by staying quiet and men need to be provided awareness so that sexual harassment can be reduced.


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